Poncho Dog

Located on Wetley Way (between First Street & Main Street).

Poncho Dogs

Menu Items:

Buffalo Cheese Curd and Chicken Taco

Buffalo flavored cheese curds from Ellsworth, WI paired with slices of grilled chicken in a fried flour tortilla. Topped with bleu cheese slaw. At Poncho Dog.

Corn Brat On-A-Stick

Brat dipped in corn dog battered, deep-fried and served On-A-Stick at Adeline's Corn and Poncho Dog.

Corn Dog

A delicious hot dog that is battered, deep-fried, and served on a stick. At 3B Corn Dogs, Adeline's Corn, Charlie's Great Food, Crutchee's, The Donut Family, George's Fun Foods, Jack's French Fries, L&M Concessions, Poncho Dog, and Saz's Miller High Life Pavilion.

Spicy Cheese Curds & Chorizo Taco

Chorizo deep fried with diced jalapenos and Ellsworth white cheddar in a fried tortilla shell topped with sriracha. At Poncho Dog.