Agriculture & Exhibits

One of the main cornerstones of the State Fair, agriculture and exhibits have been a tradition since the very first Wisconsin State Fair.

This year, we welcome over 7,000 animals as part of our agriculture contests and over 3,000 participants in our amateur competitive exhibits contests.

Learn more about all the great exhibits throughout the Fair Park and visit them when you get here.

State Fair Agriculture & Exhibits


Wisconsin's largest agricultural showcase has a can't-miss line-up! Featuring animals from large and small to mature and young, visit Ag Village to see them up close and personal.

Barn Closures

Each year thousands of animals are exhibited at the Wisconsin State Fair, and most of these animals do not stay for the entire 11 days of the Fair.For the safety of the animals, exhibitors and Fairgoers, barns must be closed to allow animals to leave and the barns to be cleaned for the arrival of new animals and new exhibitors. On days the barns close early for animals to leave, certain streets in Ag Village will be closed or have limited access.

Barns & Show Rings

Over seven thousand animals will participate in judging events during the eleven days of the Wisconsin State Fair. Check out all the barns and show rings for when different types of animals will be staying in the barns and competing in the events.

Experience Agriculture

In addition to the seven thousand animals in the barns and show rings during the State Fair, there are also several agriculture exhibits aimed at teaching Fairgoers about Wisconsin's vital agriculture industry. Check out all of the awesome, hands-on experience agriculture exhibits in this list and visit them when you are at the Fair!

Horticulture Exhibits

Flowers, vegetables and herbs - oh my! Come and check out all the amazing produce in Grand Champion Hall. Don't "leaf" the Fair without exploring the bountiful harvests on display.

Textile, Craft & Culinary Exhibits

With so many creative pieces on display, the new exhibit layout showcases all the amazing, hand-crafted creations. Meander through the building and view the photos, textiles, crafts, and culinary exhibits.