The entry office will open in mid-April.

Questions regarding entering Wisconsin State Fair can be emailed to entryoffice@wistatefair.com

2022 Entry Deadline Information:


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2022 Wisconsin State Fair DNA Animal Identification
All Wisconsin State Fair DNA identification requirements for Junior Beef, Sheep and Swine (market and non-registered breeding stock) must be submitted by the Junior entry deadline to Wisconsin State Fair. More information available here. DNA hair kits and 840 ear tags are on sale here.

2022 Wisconsin State Fair Performance Division
For 2022, Wisconsin State Fair Performance Beef and Sheep division contests have been modified to incorporate the components of ultrasound carcass merit (70%) and visual appraisal (30%). Rate of gain evaluation will not be included for 2022; therefore, weigh in sites will not be offered in winter for junior market steers or spring for junior market lambs. Junior market barrows will continue to be evaluated on ultrasound carcass merit (70%) and visual appraisal (30%).

2022 Volunteer Adult Contact Information
Junior show exhibitors MUST declare a Volunteer Adult Contact (VAC) at time of entry. Options include either A) Group or B) Individual. More information available here. VAC application here.

Wisconsin State Fair Agriculture Department Fairtime Internship Opportunities Available:
Barn Cleaning
Email entryoffice@wistatefair.com for more information

2022 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Show Eligibility
Youth are encouraged to actively participate in youth educational programs/organizations which enhance project awareness but there are no youth organization membership requirements to exhibit in Youth Expo of the Junior animal departments of Wisconsin State Fair. Additional details available here.

Wisconsin State Fair is pleased to continue of the national certification program “Youth for the Quality Care of Animals” (YQCA) built around foundational pillars of animal agriculture (animal welfare, food safety and character education).

All junior exhibitors exhibiting animals in any Junior Departments must be YQCA certified at the time of entry. The certification must remain active through the dates of the Fair. The YQCA certification program is a national education program built around foundational pillars of animal agriculture (animal welfare, food safety and character education). The program is offered online or in person at regional locations throughout Wisconsin. For additional information related to the YQCA program please visit yqcaprogram.org.

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