Grand Champion Eats & Treats

This professional food competition for pickles, relishes, preserves, sauces, dairy mixes, fruits & vegetables, fermented products, sweets, treats, beverages, appetizers and snack foods is open to Wisconsin’s small professional food businesses with yearly sales under $1,000,000.

Important dates for this contest:

  • Entry Deadline: TBD

  • Entry Drop-Off: TBD

  • Contest Judging: TBD

In addition to judging results and feedback, up to 12 businesses that enter the Grand Champion Eats & Treats Competition will have the opportunity to provide samples of their products entered in the competition for Fair guests.

See below for full details on entry requirements and show information.

Grand Champion Eats & Treats Entry Information


Questions regarding entering can be emailed to:

Mailing Address: Wisconsin State Fair Entry and Agriculture Department 640 S 84th Street West Allis WI 53214