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Foods On-a-Stick

Featuring all of your Fair Favorites On-a-Stick!

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Ants On-a-Stick

It's time to take back your picnics. Don't let those pesky ants bother you. Pick them up and eat them. Delicious, crunchy ants stuck to an edible stick. Let's make picnics great again! At All Things Jerky.

Bacon Brat On-a-Stick

A handmade Brat Sausage with a blend of Pork, Beef, Bacon Bits and Special Seasoning in a natural casing - broiled, served on a stick with a choice of Sauces. At Robert's.

Better with Bacon Bar

Pints of Premium Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream hand stuck and cut. Rolled in real Hormel Bacon pieces and dipped in Chocolate. At JAWS Concessions and Cedar Crest Ice Cream.

Blazin’ Jalapeno Deep Fried Olives

The ultimate State Fair experience!! Our award-winning queen green olives stuffed with fresh jalapenos and cream cheese nestled in a seasoned crunchy batter, served on-a-stick with ranch for dipping and kick kup the taste with sriracha! Queen Green Olives + Fresh Jalapenos with Cream Cheese = Cheesy, Salty, Crunchy, Spicy Awesome Olives!!!! At Fried Fruit & Fried Olives.

Breakfast On-A-Stick

One battered and deep-fried sausage, wrapped in a pancake, on-a-stick, served with a cup of syrup. At Bud Pavilion.

Brownie Waffle Stick

Sweet Belgian waffle baked around double chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips. Served on a stick, dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate syrup. At Waffle Chix.

Cajun Battered Shark On-a-Stick

"Bite Back" with our Battered Cajun Shark Bites On-a-Stick. Served with our own Cajun Ranch Sauce. At Gooonies Fish & Beer Shack.

Cake Pop

Cake meets lollipop in this delicious rendition of a classic dessert. At Lehmann's Bakery.

Candy Apple

Whole apples covered in a toffee or a sugar candy coating. Served on a stick. At Big Daddy Candy Monster, Candy Factory, Charlie's, and Cotton Candy.

Caramel Apple

Tangy apples covered in sweet caramel are the perfect way to enjoy the fair. At Big Daddy Candy Monster, Candy Factory, Charlie's, Cotton Candy, Sweets & Treats, and Wisconsin Apple Growers.

Chick-N-Stix Sampler

Five pieces all natural white meat tossed in five signature wing sauces. Skewered per flavor & each unique sauce is finished with toppings before serving. At Sprecher Landing.

Chicken Parmesan Stick

Italian-seasoned waffle batter baked around chicken breast, topped with marinara and parmesan cheese. Served on-a-stick. At Waffle Chix.

Chicken Shish-Kebab

Tender, juicy chicken served the way it should be, on a stick. Offered in a unique way from each vendor. At George's Fun Foods and Gyro Man.

Chocolate-Covered Bacon Berry Kabobs

Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with the wonderful goodness that is bacon! Put them on a stick and you have a perfect treat. Sweet and salty. What could be better? At Caribbean Smoothees.

Chocolate-Covered Banana On-a-Stick

Enjoy your chocolate banana either plain or rolled in nuts and sprinkles. Served on a stick. At Granny's Cheesecake & More, Frozen Bananas, Hand Dipped Ice Cream, Libby's Soft Serve, and Sidewalk Sundae.