Guest Services

We want your experience at the Wisconsin State Fair to be fun, enjoyable and memorable.

Before your visit, check out the services below and our FAQs page to make your day at the Fair the best it can be.

Fair Information Centers and Guest Services Pavilion

Fair Information Centers are conveniently located throughout the Fair Park. Select sundries and other conveniences are available for purchase at the Guest Services Pavilion on the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue near the Exposition Center.

First Aid

Treatment by certified Emergency Medical Technicians and transportation off grounds is provided by Bell Ambulance at North Grandstand Avenue and Fifth Street. Fees may apply. First Aid Services are also provided by the American Red Cross inside the Guest Services Pavilion.

Family/Baby Care Centers

Families can visit one of three private, air conditioned, comfortable areas designated as Family/Baby Care Centers; one in the Exposition Center, one in the Guest Services Pavilion and one of North Grandstand Avenue next to Bell Ambulance. Each center offers an area for nursing mothers as well as a diaper changing station.

Reconnection Centers and Lost & Found

Visit a Reconnection Center to help locate missing persons or items. Centers can be reached at 414-519-7354 and are located in the Exposition Center lobby, the Guest Services Pavilion and on North Grandstand Avenue next to Bell Ambulance. We Energies safety wristbands for children are available at the Reconnection Centers and at We Energies Energy Park on Wetley Way.

Stroller, Wagon, Wheelchair & Electric Scooter Rentals

Rental fees are as follows: $10 Single Stroller; $15 Wagon; $25 Wheelchair; $60 Electric Scooters. A valid, major credit card must be used as a deposit. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and cash are acceptable forms of payment.


Need cash? There are 28 conveniently located ATMs throughout the Fair Park.

Sunscreen Stations

Presented by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Look for one of three FREE sunflower sunscreen stations conveniently located throughout the Fair Park. Sunflowers will be stocked with SPF 30, suitable for Fairgoers ages one year and older.

– East of Guest Services Pavilion
– Next to SpinCity Information Center
– In front of bathrooms on Wetley Way (by We Energies Energy Park)

Redemption Booth

Redeem any SpinCity voucher purchased prior to the Fair at the Redemption Booth, which is conveniently located in the heart of SpinCity on the Grand Walkway.