All Things Jerky

Located on South Grandstand Avenue.

All Things Jerky at Wisconsin State Fair

Menu Items:

Ants On-a-Stick

It's time to take back your picnics. Don't let those pesky ants bother you. Pick them up and eat them. Delicious, crunchy ants stuck to an edible stick. Let's make picnics great again! At All Things Jerky.

Edible Bugs

Flavored snacks made with real whole crickets, larvets, and ants. At All Things Jerky.

Crazy Corn Reaper Popcorn

Are you CRAZY enough to eat the world's hottest popcorn? Crazy Corn Reaper Popcorn tastes sweet to start..then the heat hits you! Coated with a caramel glaze and sprinkled with the world's hottest pepper, The Carolina Reaper. Crazy never tasted so good! At All Things Jerky.

Deep-Fried Peanuts

Choice of Salted, Garlic, Cajun, or Hot Flavored. At All Things Jerky.

Exotic Meat Jerky

Flavors include: Alligator BBQ, Alligator Cajun, Beef, Buffalo, Chipotle & Garlic Buffalo, Elk, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Venison Peppered, Wild Boar BBQ, Thanksgiving Turkey. At All Things Jerky.

Exotic Meat Sticks

Flavors include: Alligator Mild, Alligator Cajun, Antelope, Beef, Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Spicy, Duck Maple, Elk Peppered, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Pheasant, Hawaiian Teriyaki Pork, Chorizo Pork, Jalapeno Pork, Honey Ham Pork, Mild Venison, Fire Venison, Wild Boar BBQ. At All Things Jerky.

Grasshopper Slushie On-a-Stick

Cool off at the Fair this year with a unique treat from All Things Jerky… Grasshopper slushie On-a-Stick! A gourmet frozen fruit pop made with pineapple, kiwi, and orange juice. Filled with REAL GRASSHOPPERS! At All Things Jerky.

Insect Jerky

Cricket Jerky and Earthworm Jerky. At All Things Jerky.

Vegan Jerky

Non-meat jerky option for vegans and vegetarians. At All Things Jerky

World’s Hottest Jerky On-a-Stick

A blend of beef and worlds hottest peppers are used to create this spicy jerky on-a-stick. Will you cry when you eat it? I don't know. But I hope so because then I can point and laugh at you! At All Things Jerky.