SpinCity Amusement Ride & Game Area

Don’t miss SpinCity – the Fair’s exciting Amusement Ride and Game Area! SpinCity features a super assortment of more than 50 amazing rides and attractions. Thirty fun games also await all adults and children alike, complete with plenty of great chances to win fabulous prizes! The area will also offer well-shaded seating areas and plenty of delicious concessions.

Featured Rides & Attractions

New York, New York Funhouse

This four-story funhouse ends with a spiral slide from top to bottom!


The Equinox takes riders on a dizzying journey 75 feet above the ground, orbiting on three axes.

Magic Maze Funhouse

Fairgoers will step into the future with this double decker, wizard-themed fun house.

Drop N Twist

This new kids’ ride gives little ones a bird’s eye view of SpinCity!

Zero Gravity

The thrilling motion of the ride will hold you in place.

Galaxy Coaster

A classic roller coaster ride.


RideMinimum HeightRide Alone Height
Alpine Bobs42″42″
Arabian Daze Fun House36″42″
Beetle Bobs (Kiddie Area)36″42″
Big Bamboo Fun House36″42″
Cliff Hanger46″46″
Crazy Dance48″48″
Daytona (Kiddie Area)32″36″
Dive Bomber (Kiddie Area)36″36″
Dragon Wagon36” with adult42″
Drop N Twist41”(36” allowed w/ chaperone)
Family Train (Kiddie Area)36″No higher than 54″ tall
Fire Chief (Kiddie Area)36″42″
Frog Hopper36″36″
Galaxy Coaster47″51″
Ghost Pirate Dark Ride (Kiddie Area)36″42″
Hampton Tractors34″34″
Gondola WheelUnder 40″ w/ Adult40″
Haunted House Dark Ride36″42″
Hog Rally (Kiddie Area)34″34″
Juke Box Music Fun House36″42″
Kite Flyer (Kiddie Area)42″42″
Lady Bug (Kiddie Area)36″42″
Lolly Swing32” with adult42″
Magic Maze36″42″
Merry-Go-Round (Kiddie Area)Under 42″ w/ Adult42″
Moby Dick (Kiddie Area)42″(Under 48” allowed w/ adult)
Monkey Maze (Kiddie Area)32″42″
Monster Truck (Kiddie Area)36″42″
New York-New York42″47″
Pharaoh’s Fury48″48″
Puppy Express (Kiddie Area)36″42″
Raiders (Kiddie Area)36″36″
Rockin’ Tug (Kiddie)32″42″
Samba Balloon (Kiddie)36″36″
Sky Flyer48″48″
Sky Master48″48″
Starship 300042″42″
Techno Power52″52″
Wacky Shack Kiddy Fun (Kiddie Area)36″42″
Wave Swinger44″44″
Winky the Whale (Kiddie Area)30″32″
Zero Gravity42″42″
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