Sheep & Goat Barn

The Sheep & Goat Barn is home to over 1,500 sheep and goats throughout the annual Wisconsin State Fair.

This building also features its very own showring in which the sheep and goats staying in this building will compete for coveted awards within and across all breeds.

Year built: 1979

Located in Ag Village between First and Second Street.

Inside the Sheep & Goat Barn

Animal Schedule:

Sheep and goats will stay in the Sheep & Goat Barn as follows:

Aug. 1 Boer Goats
Dairy Goats
(Aug. 1 closes at 4 pm)
Aug. 2-4 Dairy Goats
(Aug. 4 closes at 2 pm)
Aug. 5-8 Sheep
(Aug. 8 closes at 2 pm)
Aug. 9-11 Sheep
(Aug. 11 closes at 5 pm)

The Sheep & Goat Barn is open daily from 9 am – 9 pm except where noted in the table above.

Show Ring Schedule:

All sheep shows are held in the Sheep & Goat Barn Show Ring with the exception of the Grand Champion Drive on Aug. 7 held in the Case IH Coliseum.

All goat shows between Aug. 1-2 are also held in the Sheep & Goat Barn Show Ring. Goat shows that take place Aug. 9-11 will be held in the Swine & Goat Barn Show Ring.

Stop by the Sheep & Goat Barn to see these events:

Aug. 1-2 Boer & Dairy Goat Shows
Aug. 3-4 Sheep Shows
Aug. 5 No Shows Today
Aug. 6-11 Sheep Shows

Not sure what happens in each of these competitions? Check out our Sheep and Goats animal pages to learn more about them while they stay at the Fair.

Please reference our daily schedule for exact event times.

Where is the Sheep & Goat Barn?:

The Sheep & Goat Barn is located in Ag Village with entrances off of Wetley Way, Third Street, and Sue Wetley Court.

Find the Sheep & Goat Barn on our State Fair Map!