Admission Policies

Admission Policy (After 6 pm)

Fairgoers under 18 years of age entering the Fair after 6 pm must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 21 years of age or older. Proof of age is required.

Other Policies

Persons entering the facility assume all risks incidental to the event. Fair staff reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person violating any law, rule or policy.

Patrons and bags will be searched upon entry.

There will be a metal detection checkpoint at every gate. Although we do not anticipate long back-ups due to security measures, please allow a few extra minutes as you enter the Fair Park.

Certain items may not be brought on the premises including without limitation: weapons of any kind (including, but not limited to, firearms, knives and explosives) alcohol, contraband, illegal drugs and controlled substances. The following items are also not permitted: cans or glass bottles, lawn chairs, skateboards, hoverboards, in-line skates, bicycles, kites and Frisbees. Unopened bottled water is allowed.

In addition to items mentioned above, signs of any kind, recording devices, signs and selfie sticks are prohibited in the State Fair Main Stage presented by Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.

Pets are not permitted on site unless the pet is part of a Fair event (e.g. Dog Fair). Working service animals are permitted.

Persons entering the Fair Park are subject to having their image and/or likeness reproduced for promotional and/or publicity purposes in Fair, Sponsor or Media photography, video, broadcasts and/or webcasts. Shirts and shoes are required to be worn at all times. Smoking is not allowed in indoor facilities or the Main Stage area, including e-cigarettes.

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