Located on Grandstand Avenue (between Second Street & Benno’s Micro Alley).

Robert's at Wisconsin State Fair

Stage Lineup:

Thursday, August 1

Friday, August 2

Saturday, August 3

Sunday, August 4

Monday, August 5

Tuesday, August 6

12:30 PM Tonight Only
6:00 PM Kun-Fuzed

Wednesday, August 7

12:30 PM Kun-Fuzed
6:00 PM Sawdust Symphony

Thursday, August 8

12:30 PM Flood Brothers
6:00 PM Tonight Only

Friday, August 9

Saturday, August 10

11:30 AM The New Grey
3:30 PM Rick Pomeroy
7:30 PM Hurricane Express

Sunday, August 11

12:00 PM Twintones
5:00 PM Soul Survivor

Menu Items:

Bacon Brat On-a-Stick

A handmade Brat Sausage with a blend of Pork, Beef, Bacon Bits and Special Seasoning in a natural casing - broiled, served on a stick with a choice of Sauces. At Robert's.

Bone-In Chicken Wings

The original chicken wings. Stop by these vendors to check out their variety of sauces and seasonings. At Adeline's Corn, Firehouse, Knucklehead, Major Goolsby's Heartland, Pitch's BBQ & Miss Katie's Diner, and Robert's.

Boss Hog Sandwich

A grilled bratwurst on hoagie bun with melted American cheese and a fried egg on top. Served with a pickle wedge. At Robert's.

Braunschweiger Sandwich

Satisfy your liver sausage craving with this Braunschweiger Sandwich served on rye bread. At Robert's.

Chicken Breast Sandwich

Tender, juicy, chicken breast meat is at the heart of this delicious sandwich. Each of these vendors offers this sandwich with their own, classic twist. At Adeline's Corn, Benno's Leinie Lodge, Blue Ribbon Chicken Shack, Butcher Boys, Double K Ranch Grub & Suds, L&M Concessions, Major Goolsby's Heartland, Robert's, Rupena's, and Steak Stop, and Wisconsin Poultry Egg Products.


Enjoy the "grounds" as you sip on a cup of Joe. At Albanese's Roadhouse, Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters, Big Sky Country Bar & Grill, The Donut Family, Expo Concessions Stands 1-4, Grandma Brown's Cinnamon Rolls, Grebe's Espresso Bar, L&M Concessions, Major Goolsby's Heartland, Piche's Beignets, Pitch's BBQ & Miss Katie's Diner, Robert's, and Sil's Mini Donuts.

French Fries

The always-delicious snack or side dish. At Adeline's Corn, Albanese's Roadhouse, Apollo's, Bud Pavilion, Charcoal Grill Roadhouse, Charlie's Great Food, Exotic Meat Grill, Fresh Fries, George's Fun Foods, Jack's French Fries, Krautland, L&M Concessions, Leadfoots Race Bar & Grill, Miller Lite Sports Bar & Grill, Pitch's BBQ & Miss Katie's Diner, Rupena's, Siggy's Wild Dogs Saloon, Robert's, and Tavern at the Park.

Gluten Free Chicken Sandwich

Gluten Free Chicken Sandwich served on a Gluten Free Bun with Lettuce, Tomato and Gluten Free Pesto Mayonnaise. At Robert's.

Gluten Free Hamburger

Gluten Free Burger served on a Gluten Free Bun with Lettuce, Tomato and Gluten Free Mayonnaise. At Robert's.

Kid’s Hot Dog

Kids will love this version of the ballpark classic. At Robert's.


Load up on your Vitamin A and D with glass of refreshing milk! At Big Sky Country Bar & Grill, Derynda's Dairy Lane, The Donut Family, Got Milk?, Grandma Brown's Cinnamon Rolls, Lehmann's Bakery, Major Goolsby's Heartland, Prairie Farms, Robert's, Rupena's, Sil's Mini Donuts, and Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association.

Soft Pretzel Sticks

3 soft pretzel sticks, warm from the oven, served with a cup of dipping sauce. At Robert's.