Website Information Form

All events held at Wisconsin State Fair Park are included on the Upcoming Events page of the Wisconsin State Fair Park website.

Please complete the form below with specific details related to your event. The information on this form will be posted on our website as provided. If you do not wish to have your event listed or advertised, please indicate this on the form.

If you would like to provide graphics for the Wisconsin State Fair Park website, please upload the files below. Graphics for the Upcoming Events page and the Home Page slider are complimentary. If no graphic is provided for these, Wisconsin State Fair Park reserves the right to create and utilize a stock graphic. Files must be in .JPG or .PNG format.

Note: If “Yes” is selected, your event will not be included on the Wisconsin State Fair Park website or any other signage outside of our grounds. Signage will still be provided at the gate entrance and at the event entrance, unless otherwise indicated to your assigned Event Manager.

Click here for the most up-to-date information on event postponements or cancellations due to COVID-19.