Sign & Banner Hanging Order Form

Exhibitors who would like to suspend banners or other signage from the building rafters are asked to complete the order form and provide as much specific and detailed information as possible. Please complete one form per booth.

Order form must be submitted at least (14) days prior to the start of the event. Orders received less than (14) days prior will be subject to a 15% surcharge. Full payment is required prior to sign installation. Incomplete orders will not be processed.

Signage Costs

Once the form has been completed and received, a custom cost estimate will be generated based on the information provided and emailed to you. The following are associated costs of the sign hanging and will be factored in when creating your cost estimate.

Sign hanging is billed based on time and materials required:

  • Up Rigger: 2 required @ $47/hour straight; $70.50/hour overtime (weekends/holidays)
  • Ground Rigger: 1 required @ $40/hour straight; $60/hour overtime (weekends/holidays)
  • Lift Rental: $25/hour
  • Hanging Materials: $25

Sign hanging is subject to a minimum 4-hour call window. WSFP will share costs among exhibitors whenever possible.

Signage Regulations

  1. All signs must be approved by show management and Wisconsin State Fair Park (WSFP). WSFP reserves the right to refuse to hang any sign for any reason.
  2. WSFP reserves the right to determine the exact location of signage based on structural limitations.
  3. All signs must be properly constructed with applicable frames, grommets, top/bottom pipe pockets, sign hanging hardware and conform to state and local building codes. Signs must arrive and be ready for hanging by scheduled time/date on cost estimate.
  4. Signs will be hung a uniform distance from floor to bottom of sign (approx. 14 feet).
  5. All signs must be installed and removed by approved personnel.
  6. WSFP is not liable for any accidents or damage caused by defective signage.

Signage Specifications

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Installation Supervision

DISCLAIMER: If a member of your staff will NOT be onsite to supervise the banner or sign hanging, signs will not be moved once they are hung.

Freight and Delivery Information

You may ship your package directly to: WISCONSIN STATE FAIR PARK EXPOSITION CENTER, 8200 W GREENFIELD AVE, WEST ALLIS WI 53214. Package must contain the following information on the shipping label: SHOW NAME & DATE, COMPANY NAME AND BOOTH NUMBER, and INDICATE PACKAGE CONTAINS SIGNAGE. We will not accept any other type of exhibitor material in advance of an event. Sending package via decorator does not guarantee signage will be available for scheduled time.

Signage Removal

At the close of the event, signs will be removed and placed in their respective booth. Sign removal schedule is determined by show schedule. WSFP does not offer outbound shipping of signage. Exhibitor materials must be removed from the show floor by close of show or will be subject to additional storage and handling fees.

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