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General Event FAQs

What are the dates & hours of the 2019 Harvest Fair?2019-08-29T08:16:29-06:00

Harvest Fair will take place as follows:

  • Friday, September 27: 5 – 11pm
  • Saturday, September 28: 9am – 11pm
  • Sunday, September 29: 9am – 5pm
What am I allowed to bring into Harvest Fair?2019-08-29T08:18:22-06:00

Please click here to see our admission policies.

Are scooters, wheelchairs and wagons available to rent?2019-08-29T08:19:20-06:00

There are no options available at Harvest Fair for rental of scooters, wheelchairs or wagons.

Are there animals in the barns during Harvest Fair?2019-08-29T08:20:28-06:00

Beef Cattle will be occupying the Cattle Barns and the Livestock Barns as part of World Beef Expo. See for more details on the event.

What are the dates and hours of World Beef Expo?2019-08-29T08:23:42-06:00

World Beef Expo will take place as follows:

  • Friday, September 27: 8am-8:30pm
  • Saturday, September 28: 8am-9pm
  • Sunday, September 29: 8am-4pm

See for more details on the event.

Will Maker Faire Milwaukee be returning to State Fair Park during Harvest Fair?2019-09-04T12:10:30-06:00

Maker Fair Milwaukee will not be returning to State Fair Park during Harvest Fair.

What is the smoking policy?2019-09-04T12:07:50-06:00

Smoking is not allowed in indoor facilities or in Central Park, including e-cigarettes.

Can I bring my dog?2019-08-29T08:26:30-06:00

For the safety of our guests, pets are not permitted on site. Working service animals are permitted.

Admission & Parking FAQs

How much is admission to Harvest Fair?2019-08-29T08:47:15-06:00

Admission to Harvest Fair is FREE.

Where will Lyft, Uber, and Taxis drop off and pick up?2019-09-17T14:20:06-06:00

The designated Lyft, Uber & Taxi drop off and pick up area is located through Gate 1 (W. Greenfield Ave. & S. 79th St.).

How much is parking?2019-08-29T08:49:00-06:00

Parking is $6 per vehicle or $3 per motorcycle. All parking is first-come, first-served. Re-entry is not permitted.

What parking lots are open for Harvest Fair?2019-08-29T08:49:46-06:00

Please see our Getting Here & Parking page for details on lots and directions to Harvest Fair.

Entertainment FAQs

What bands are playing on the stages?2019-08-29T08:53:38-06:00

Please see our Entertainment page for the full lineup.

Do I need a separate ticket to see a concert at the Associated Bank Amphitheater?2019-08-29T08:51:54-06:00

No, all shows on the Associated Bank Amphitheater are FREE.

Where do I find a schedule of events?2019-08-29T08:52:35-06:00

Please visit our Entertainment page for dates and times of shows. Please see our Activities & Attractions page for things to do all weekend long.

Free Family Fun and Rides & Activities FAQs

What things are free?2019-09-09T15:47:56-06:00

Please see our Free Family Fun page for a list of all free things to do.

What rides and activities require credits?2019-09-09T16:00:31-06:00

Please see our Rides & Activities page for a list of all paid rides and activities.

How much do credits for activities and attractions cost?2019-09-11T11:52:26-06:00

Credits cost $1 each and are available at any Ride & Activity Credit Booth at Harvest Fair. A Ride & Activity Card is complimentary with the initial purchase of credits.

What are the hours of the amusement rides in the Back 40?2019-08-29T08:56:52-06:00

Rides close at 11pm on Friday & Saturday and 5pm on Sunday, weather permitting.

What if I lose by ride & activity card?2019-09-09T15:50:43-06:00

Wisconsin State Fair Park and Harvest Fair are not responsible for lost or stolen ride & activity cards.

Is there a minimum required purchase when loading credits on my ride & activity card?2019-09-11T11:52:29-06:00

You must purchase a minimum of one credit. A reloadable Ride & Activity Card is complimentary with initial purchase of credits.

How can I see how many credits I have left on my ride & activity card?2019-09-11T11:50:18-06:00

Visit and Ride & Activity Credit Booth to check how many credits are left on your card. Each ride or activity will be able to show you how many remaining credits you have after scanning for that ride or activity.

Where can I use my ride & activity card?2019-09-09T15:53:51-06:00

Credits can be used at any of the rides and activities listed on the Rides & Activities page.

Can I add more credits to my card after my initial purchase?2019-09-11T11:49:52-06:00

Yes, just visit any Ride & Activity Credit Booth to load additional credits on to your card.

What is the average credit cost per ride or activity?2019-09-09T15:55:49-06:00

Rides and activities range from 2-8 credits.

How long are my credits good for?2019-09-09T15:56:54-06:00

Credits can be used the entire run of Harvest Fair. For example, credits purchased on Friday can still be used on Saturday or Sunday.

Can I get a refund on credits I don’t use?2019-09-09T15:57:50-06:00

Credits are non-refundable, but can be used on any day of Harvest Fair.

Shopping, Food & Beverage FAQs

Will Harvest Stew be available again this year?2019-08-29T09:03:17-06:00

Yes. Please see our Harvest Stew page for complete details.

Can you bring your souvenir cup from State Fair to Harvest Fair?2019-08-29T09:05:22-06:00

Yes – please make sure it’s empty when you come through the gate. Souvenir Cups will also be available for purchase at participating vendors for $6 each, with refills available for $3 each.

I purchased a product that broke or was defective from Harvest Fair. How can I contact a vendor that was at Harvest Fair?2019-09-03T10:58:53-06:00

If you have the name of the vendor or product information, we can provide you with the general contact information for that vendor. Please email