Rides & Activities Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the rides and activities at Harvest Fair?

We’ve got you covered! Check out the FAQs below to answer your questions about how to use a Ride & Activity Card, where to get credits for rides & activities, and more.

Rides & Activities FAQs

What things are free?2019-09-09T15:47:56-06:00

Please see our Free Family Fun page for a list of all free things to do.

What rides and activities require credits?2019-09-09T16:00:31-06:00

Please see our Rides & Activities page for a list of all paid rides and activities.

How much do credits for activities and attractions cost?2019-09-11T11:52:26-06:00

Credits cost $1 each and are available at any Ride & Activity Credit Booth at Harvest Fair. A Ride & Activity Card is complimentary with the initial purchase of credits.

What are the hours of the amusement rides in the Back 40?2019-08-29T08:56:52-06:00

Rides close at 11pm on Friday & Saturday and 5pm on Sunday, weather permitting.

What if I lose by ride & activity card?2019-09-09T15:50:43-06:00

Wisconsin State Fair Park and Harvest Fair are not responsible for lost or stolen ride & activity cards.

Is there a minimum required purchase when loading credits on my ride & activity card?2019-09-11T11:52:29-06:00

You must purchase a minimum of one credit. A reloadable Ride & Activity Card is complimentary with initial purchase of credits.

How can I see how many credits I have left on my ride & activity card?2019-09-11T11:50:18-06:00

Visit and Ride & Activity Credit Booth to check how many credits are left on your card. Each ride or activity will be able to show you how many remaining credits you have after scanning for that ride or activity.

Where can I use my ride & activity card?2019-09-09T15:53:51-06:00

Credits can be used at any of the rides and activities listed on the Rides & Activities page.

Can I add more credits to my card after my initial purchase?2019-09-11T11:49:52-06:00

Yes, just visit any Ride & Activity Credit Booth to load additional credits on to your card.

What is the average credit cost per ride or activity?2019-09-09T15:55:49-06:00

Rides and activities range from 2-8 credits.

How long are my credits good for?2019-09-09T15:56:54-06:00

Credits can be used the entire run of Harvest Fair. For example, credits purchased on Friday can still be used on Saturday or Sunday.

Can I get a refund on credits I don’t use?2019-09-09T15:57:50-06:00

Credits are non-refundable, but can be used on any day of Harvest Fair.