Albanese’s Roadhouse

Located on Badger Avenue & Center Street.

Albanese's Roadhouse at Wisconsin State Fair

Menu Items:

Bocee Sandwich

Homemade Italian sausage, sliced Italian beef, hot giardiniera peppers and provolone cheese make up this mucho delicioso sandwich at Albanese's Roadhouse.


Hand breaded tubes and tentacles, crisp and light with Albanese's homemade marinara sauce. At Albanese's Roadhouse.


This sweet, Sicilian pastry will give you a taste of Italy at the Wisconsin State Fair. At Albanese's Roadhouse and Mille's Italian Sausage.


Enjoy the "grounds" as you sip on a cup of Joe. At Albanese's Roadhouse, Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters, Big Sky Country Bar & Grill, The Donut Family, Expo Concessions Stands 1-4, Grandma Brown's Cinnamon Rolls, Grebe's Espresso Bar, L&M Concessions, Major Goolsby's Heartland, Piche's Beignets, Pitch's BBQ & Miss Katie's Diner, Robert's, and Sil's Mini Donuts.

Deep-Fried Spinach Lasagna Bites

A lasagna noodle rolled with a blend of three cheeses and spinach. Breaded with Italian bread crumbs and fried to golden brown. Served with our famous homemade marinara that's been with us for five generations. At Albanese's Roadhouse.

French Fries

The always-delicious snack or side dish. At Adeline's Corn, Albanese's Roadhouse, Apollo's, Budweiser Pavilion, Charcoal Grill Roadhouse, Charlie's Great Food, Exotic Meat Grill, Fresh Fries, George's Fun Foods, Jack's French Fries, Krautland, L&M Concessions, Leadfoots Race Bar & Grill, Miller Lite Sports Bar & Grill, Pitch's BBQ & Miss Katie's Diner, Rupena's, Siggy's Wild Dogs Saloon, Robert's, and Tavern at the Park.

Fried Eggplant

Eggplant fried in our house-made breading accompanied with a deep red marinara. At Albanese's Roadhouse and Pitch's BBQ & Miss Katie's Diner.

Fried Gnocchi

Italy's traditional potato dumpling gets a Fair twist in this delicious treat. At Albanese's Roadhouse.

Italian Beef Blasts

Albaneses famous Italian beef, mozzarella cheese, banana peppers and our homemade red sauce. Four balls of Italian flavor breaded in our house Italian bread crumbs, served with a side of au jus. At Albanese's Roadhouse.

Italian Beef Sandwich

Thinly sliced seasoned beef with cheese and veggies will make you say "Delizioso!" At Albanese's Roadhouse, Knucklehead and Steak Stop.

Italian Sausage Sandwich

This seasoned sausage is an American and State Fair classic. At Albanese's Roadhouse, Mille's Italian Sausage, Charlie's Great Food, Double K Ranch Grub & Suds, and Usinger's.

Meatball Sandwich

5 meatballs topped with pizza sauce and served in a bun. At Albanese's Roadhouse, Double K Ranch Grub & Suds, Charlie's Great Food, Uncle Sal's, and Uncle Sal's Bistro.

Spaghetti & Meatballs Mozzarella Sticks

Albanese's famous spaghetti & meatballs wrapped in a wonton with mozzarella and fried to golden goodness. Served with Albanese's famous red sauce. First Place Winner in the 2017 Sporkies. At Albanese's Roadhouse.