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Foods On-a-Stick

Featuring all of your Fair Favorites On-a-Stick!

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Deep-Fried Turducken On-a-Stick

A southern classic & a John Madden Football Favorite to the State Fair! We took the mighty TurDucken made it mobile & On-a-Stick! Fresh roast turkey, duck confit & fried chicken breast layered with homemade stuffing and gravy, battered and On-a-Stick. The TurDucken is then drizzled with WSB Amber beer gravy and Wisconsin cranberry sauce. At Water Street Brewery.

Deep-Fried Twinkie On-a-Stick

The only thing better than a Twinkie is a deep-fried Twinkie served on a stick. At 3B S'mores and Granny's Cheesecake & More.

Dill Pickle On-a-Stick

This tangy, flavorful snack is now served on a stick. At Pickle Barrel and Siggy's Wild Dogs Saloon.

Donut Holes On-a-Stick

Small, bite-sized donuts that are traditionally taken from the center ring of regular donuts. And these are served on a stick! At Lehmann's Bakery.

Elvis On-A-Stick

Peanut butter cups on-a-stick, deep-fried in banana batter at Slim's Lakefront Bew Pub & Eatery.

Frosted Flakes Chicken On-a-Stick

Boneless chicken breast, seasoned, battered and rolled in Frosted Flakes, deep-fried and served on a stick. At Chicken & Waffles and George's Fun Foods.

Fruit Kabob

Large chunks of fresh fruit served on a stick. At Caribbean Smoothees and Leadfoot's Race Bar & Grill.

Fruit Kabob with Chocolate

Large chunks of fresh fruit served on a stick and drizzled with chocolate sauce. At Granny's Cheesecake & More and Leadfoot's Race Bar & Grill.

Grasshopper Slushie On-a-Stick

Cool off at the Fair this year with a unique treat from All Things Jerky… Grasshopper slushie On-a-Stick! A gourmet frozen fruit pop made with pineapple, kiwi, and orange juice. Filled with REAL GRASSHOPPERS! At All Things Jerky.

Grilled Chicken On-a-Stick

Chan's secret recipe is what makes this grilled chicken so tangy and delicious. At Chan's Chicken On-a-Stick.

Grilled Garlic Butter Shrimp On-a-Stick

Grilled, slathered with garlic butter, and served on a stick, this treat will make you feel like you are at a backyard cookout instead of the Fair. At Shrimp Shack.

Ice Cream Bars

The perfect cold treat on a warm summer day. At JAWS Concessions and Hand Dipped Ice Cream.

Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Dog

A delicious, Jalapeno-Cheddar Hot Dog dipped in batter, deep-fried, and served on a stick. At 3B Corn Dogs.

Long Corn Dog

A delicious, long hot dog that is battered, deep-fried, and served on a stick. At Charlie's Great Food.

Lug Nuts On-a-Stick

Bacon wrapped tater tots that are deep fried and served on a stick. At Knucklehead.

Maple Cotton Candy

Fluffy, spun, maple-flavored sugar by the bag. At Wisconsin Pure Maple Syrup.

Pork Shish-Kabob

Greece's very own Food On-a-Stick! At Apollo's, Butcher Boys, and George's Fun Foods.