Each year, over 30 donkeys, miniature donkeys and mules are shown by their exhibitors at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Read on below to learn more about donkey terminology, where you can find them at the Fair, and the type of competitions they are shown in during their stay.

Donkeys at the Wisconsin State Fair

Quick Donkey Facts:

Key Donkey Terminology

  • Equine: the scientific name for the animal family that includes horses, donkeys and zebras
  • Donkey: a domesticated animal of the equine family primarily used as a working animal
  • Miniature Donkey: a breed of donkey that is native to the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia that are no more than 36 inches tall at the highest part of the back
  • Jack: a male donkey
  • Jenny: a female donkey
  • Foal: a young donkey, of either gender, that is one year old or younger
  • Mule: the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse
  • Hinny: the offspring of a female donkey and a male horse
  • Drove: refers to a group of donkeys
  • Barren: refers to a group of mules

Types of Donkeys Shown at State Fair

  • Donkeys, Miniature Donkeys, Mules

Where Can Donkeys Be Found?:

Donkeys are shown by their exhibitors at the Fair between Sunday, August 4 – Tuesday, August 6.

Donkeys will stay in the Livestock/Horse Barn as follows:

Aug. 4-6 Miniature Donkeys, Donkeys and Mules
(Aug. 6 closes @ 2 pm)

The Livestock/Horse Barn is open daily from 8 am – 9 pm except where noted in the table above.

Donkey Event Descriptions:

All donkey shows are held in the Case IH Coliseum.

Stop by the Case IH Coliseum to see these events:

  • Halter In Hand: animals are led by their exhibitor and judged on their overall body composition
  • Performance: exhibitor and animal compete in timed speed events, which may include obstacles, patterns, driving, pole bending, novelty costume, etc.