If learning about flowers, visiting with vultures or playing Usinger’s bingo is your thing, check out all of the demonstrations featured on these stages:

Grand Champion Hall Stage

Stop by Grand Champion Hall to check out the winners of our amateur exhibit contests including textiles, crafts, photography, quilting, culinary, and horticulture to get ideas for your next DIY project, tasty recipe, or vegetable garden. Plus, learn from expert offering daily demonstrations on the Grand Champion Hall Stage. Located on Main Street across from the Exposition Center.

We Energies Energy Park

Fun, safety, food, gardens, birds and more! Visit We Energies Energy Park to learn about electric and gas safety with our interactive games and exhibits. Get an identification wristband to keep your child safe at the fair. Enjoy cooking and gardening presentations, see birds of prey up close and participate in a game show or solar car race. Energy Park is located on the west side of the Fair on Wetley Way at Center Street.

Wisconsin Products Pavilion & Stage

As you enjoy your tasty treat in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion, sit back, relax and listen to the local commodity producers and business owners explain how they make their products so amazing. Fun, free and air-conditioned. Presented by