Wisconsin Exposition Center – Green Intiatives

The Wisconsin Exposition Center has made tremendous efforts to increase its recycling efforts and reduce landfill waste.

In July 2007 the Wisconsin Exposition Center received the Travel Green Wisconsin Certification; a program which recognizes tourism-related businesses that are reducing environmental impact through operational and other improvements.

Recycling efforts-Waste Reduction:

* Recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminum are placed in offices and public spaces. Ink and toner cartridges are recycled and staff is encouraged to print two-sided documents.
* Motor oil, batteries and cooking oil is recycled and hazardous waste is properly disposed.
* Wooden pallets used for deliveries and supplies are collected by an outside vendor who recycles and reuses the pallets so they do not end up in landfills.
* Mulch, bushes and plants left over from garden and landscape shows are used around the building in flowerbeds and landscaped areas. Staff recently planted over 100 bulbs around the building left over from landscape shows.
* Outdated computer equipment is donated to charities that recycle, rebuild and redistribute to those less fortunate.
* Damaged copper wires and telecommunication cabling is recycled.
* Unclaimed lost items from events are donated to charity.

Food and Beverage:

* Where appropriate, bulk food from food shows is donated to food pantries.
* During events with high volume, malt beverages are served in aluminum cans vs. plastic bottles at portable concession stands.

Energy Conservation:

* Facility lighting and HVAC operations are computer-programmed for maximum efficiency. During non-event days, lighting, transformers, water heaters and other equipment is turned off or power reduced for energy saving measures. Where feasible incandescent bulbs are replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs for energy savings.
* Exhibitors are encouraged to power-down displays in the evening to consume less energy.
* Motion sensors are used in certain parts of the building where lighting is not required.
* T-8 Fluorescent lighting is utilized throughout the facility. Exit sign lighting and recessed lights will be replaced with energy efficient LED technology further reducing energy usage.
* During the off-season, products in coolers and freezers are moved to location so non-essential equipment can be turned off or power reduced.