Hiring Documents and Resources

Human Resources & Payroll Forms
Business & Financial Forms
Resources for Employees

Supervisor Forms
Supervisor How-To’s – is a great resource page with various key Human Resources-related topics and resources for Supervisors at the touch of a finger
Background Check Disclosure Form – used in conjunction with our Hiring Process and Criminal Background Check Policy
Disciplinary Action Report – for use with LTEs only (except dually-appointed LTEs); please see How To: Initiate the Discipline Process
Electronic Door Access Form – for employees who need an electronic access key for WSFP building(s)
Electronic Timesheet 2015 and Electronic Timesheet Instructions
Employee Termination Form – must be used to report an employee and/or appointment that needs to be terminated or laid off from HR
Employment Application: Word version and PDF version
Fleet Vehicle Use Agreement
Golf Cart Driver Permit Request
LTE Personnel Transaction Form – please view the Supervisor’s How-To page on Facilitating LTE Personnel Transactions
New Employee Orientation Checklist – Year-Round (non-Fair) – in conjunction with the Supervisor’s How-To page on Bringing a New Employee On Board
Performance Evaluation Form
Position Description Template – use this template to draft a position description (required for each position at WSFP) to submit to HR for review
Position Requisition Form – used to initiate the process of filling all vacant positions at WSFP; please view the Supervisor’s How-To page on Filling a Vacant Position
Training and Travel Request Form
Worker’s Compensation Supervisor’s Report – must be completed by supervisor and submitted with Employee Injury Report to HR within 24 hoursof employee filing claim.  See Worker’s Compensation page for further information and resources.

Supervisor Resources
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Commitment
Balanced Panel Policy
Child Labor Guide
Child Labor Work Hours
Compensation Plan – establishes compensation for all State of Wisconsin employees
Criminal Background Check Policy
Discipline Documentation Guide – used in conjunction with Supervisor’s How-To page on Initiating the Discipline Process
Discretionary Merit Compensation Policy – permanent staff only; currently suspended through 6/30/15
Electronic Timesheet Instructions
Employee Assistance Program – available to all employees of WSFP
Employee Handbook
EEO/AA Policy
Fleet Vehicle Driver & Management Policies & Procedures Manual

Harassment Policy
Hiring Guide for Supervisors – a printable summary of the Supervisor’s How-To page on Filling a Vacant Position
Internal Discrimination & Harassment Complaint Policy
Interview & Selection Guide – for supervisors and anyone involved in the interview and selection of any candidates for hire at WSFP
Organizational Chart
Reasonable Accommodations Policy
Records Retention Policy – Human Resources
Recruitment & Selection Policy
Recruitment Software Manager’s Guide
Time Recording Policy
Travel Guide – Pocket
Work Rules – this is a pamphlet that, if printed, must be printed double-side as LANDSCAPE with the flip on the SHORT edge (or flip OVER if using Firefox)
Worker’s Compensation

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