Ag Village

Ag Village is a multi-use area with several facilities available for much more than agricultural programming. An extensive array of buildings lend themselves to a multitude of diverse events and storage rental areas. While Ag Village consists of three single-level Livestock Barns, a Swine Barn, Sheep and Goat Barn, Warm Up Ring, Animal Care Building and Dairy Cattle Barn, its most versatile buildings are the Bi-Level Livestock Barn and the Coliseum and Show Ring.

The bi-level Livestock Barn is complete with 32,000 square feet per floor, office space, restrooms, showers, a milking parlor and washing stations allows the building to host everything from animal agriculture events to flea markets and rummage sales. The Swine, Sheep and Goat Barns also are flexible use buildings, perfect for storage, use for rummage sales, and other open air type events.

The Coliseum and Show Ring is in use at various points throughout the year for agricultural and non-ag related activities. Capable of seating 3,120, this open air structure features a show ring, two concession stands, restroom facilities, office space and ticket booths. World Beef Expo, multiple horse shows, rodeos, dances and competitions are among the activities the Coliseum has been utilized for.

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