Breakfast Options

Cherry Muffin

Start your day with a Door County cherry muffin. At Wisconsin Cherry Growers.

Cinnamon Rolls

Take a sweet roll, cinnamon and butter and swirl together, top with icing and you have one amazing treat. At Cinnamon Rolls and Machine Shed.


Enjoy the "grounds" as you sip on a cup of Joe. At Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters, Central Park Grill, The Donut Family, Grebe's Espresso Bar, Knucklehead, Major Goolsby's Heartland, Sausage Haus North, Sausage Haus West, Sil's Mini Donuts, and Uncle Sal's Bistro.

Country Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs, Choice of Bacon or Ham, Shed Casserole and a Biscuit. At Machine Shed.


A sweet start to a fabulous day. At Major Gooslby's Heartland.

Donut Holes

Small, bite-sized donuts that are traditionally taken from the center ring of regular donuts. But just as delicious! At Lehmann's Bakery.

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