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Mexican Butterfly Getaway

Travel south to Mexico from October to March and you will be in the home of the majestic monarch butterflies. These bright orange and black butterflies travel over 2,160 miles to winter in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere of Michoacan, Mexico. Your backyard can be the summer resort for these winged creatures. They love brightly colored flowers filled with nectar and pollen, such as Mexican sunflowers, lantana, zinnias and parsley. Here, the bright orange blooms of the Mexican sunflowers are an awesome monarch magnet.


Mediterranean Herb Garden

This herb garden will transport you to the Mediterranean Sea, where the fragrant plants enjoy a hot, dry summer and a mild winter as they bask in the sun year round. This collection is a chock-full of culinary herbs such as rosemary, thyme and oregano just waiting to be used in your next flavorful creation. All that is missing from this traditional Mediterranean kitchen garden are the century old cypress and olive trees.


Horsing Around

Horsing Around Giddy up to the windy, salty shores of Assateague Island in Maryland on the Atlantic coast. This barrier island is home to a herd of rugged, wild horses. Each horse has unique splotches of white, chestnut brown and silver hair, which are [...]


Green and Mossy

Moss gardens are a cool, refreshing and peaceful place to pause and reflect on the garden's simplistic yet elegant lines. The sea of soft green mosses, ferns and grasses transport you to a cool climate, such as that of the British Isles.


German Prairie Plot

German Prairie Plot Grasses combine with bright and happy flowers in this very pragmatic but beautiful flowering prairie garden. Note the bursts of color that the annuals provide as they bespeckle this carefully planned plot that sets it apart from a traditional [...]


Grand Champion Grandeur

This garden vignette showcases the seamless merging of arts and flowers through a colorful quilt work of coleus and the grand champion ribbon featuring royal velvet supertunias. Gracing the horticultural specimens on both sides and representing the Horticulture, Craft and Culinary Pavilion are the carved works of art created by chainsaw artist Bob Younger from Eagle, WI. See if you can find all 14 items carved on these wooden masterpieces!


Cozy Cottage

Cozy Cottage Quaint and dainty is the best way to describe a cottage-style garden. Window boxes and a carefree blending of plants create a whimsical and plant-go-lucky take on gardening. See how all the plants move in the wind and smell the fragrances that [...]


Alpine Summit

Climb to the mountain tops and explore the different hardy plants that love to grow in the extreme weather conditions of this high-altitude steppe, or plant-growing region. Those plants that grow at 3,000 ft. might not flourish and thrive at 5,000 ft. and above. Wind, rain, sleet and snow can’t stop these storm trooper plants from putting on a show in any extreme weather condition that Mother Nature dishes out.


Bargain Book

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