Wisconsin State Fair History Display

Acts, Ads, Admissions and Arts all are the focus for this year's historic display. Award-winning advertising campaigns and high wire acts are just a few of the treasures that await you in the south end of the Exposition Center. Be sure to take the Fair History Quiz after looking through the exhibit to earn your very own history expert button.

Plein Air at the Fair

Plein Air, French for painting in the "open air," is returning for the 2016 Fair. On Monday, August 8, and Tuesday, August 9, the Fair itself will become the canvas for artists as they paint their way around the Fair. Feel free to watch as they create Fair inspired masterpieces.

Young People’s Art Exhibit

This year’s exhibit features over 360 youth paintings, sculptures and drawings. You’ll be whisked away with the creative talents of today’s youth grades 6 - 12. Check out this display of creativity located in the lobby of the Exposition Center. Kids of all ages can create a free art pieces in the Make It, Take It Art Project Area.

Textile, Craft & Culinary Exhibits

Flowers, Arts, Images and Recipes (FAIR) are redefined in this year's theme. There is no limit to the creativity showcased by our exhibitors' entries when they bake, paint or photograph to illustrate the FAIR Fun. See how Wisconsin's best textile, craft and culinary exhibits are setting the bar high for blue ribbons in the Horticulture, Craft & Culinary Pavilion.

Horticulture Exhibit

Flowers are redefining the north side of the Horticulture, Craft & Culinary Pavilion! Take a look and enjoy the relaxing, tropical retreat that adorns the outside of the building. Then, step through the doors to see how plants and vegetables join the party from the bonsai, dahlia, gladiolus, herb, vegetable and florist dislpays.

Youth Expo Hall & Stage

The Youth Expo Hall on Fifth Street and Grandstand Avenue showcases Wisconsin youth through music and drama performances, demonstrations, style revues, activity stations, project exhibits and organizational displays. The stage will feature  special performances by 4-H Drama Company, 4-H Showcase Singers and State FFA Honors Band & Chorus.

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