Youth Expo

Youth Expo is comprised of a variety of programs including music and drama performances, mini performance acts, demonstrations, style revues, activity stations and project exhibits. These programs showcase Wisconsin youth organizations and provide valuable learning experiences for youth participants.

Youth Expo participants receive statewide recognition of talent while being presented with opportunities to further develop their leadership and communication skills, network with new people, build self-confidence, develop new friendships, and have fun at Wisconsin State Fair.

All Wisconsin organizations dedicated to youth development are encouraged to apply and participate in Wisconsin State Fair Youth Expo programs.  These organizations include, but are not limited to, Wisconsin 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, FFA and approved organized school groups.  See the Overview of State Fair Youth Expo Programs link for a complete list of Youth Expo opportunities.

For questions regarding Wisconsin State Fair Youth Expo programs, please contact Laura Schoenike, Youth Expo Coordinator, at 414.750.0872 or by e-mail at


activity stationsActivity Stations



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